About Our Website

BlurbSlate is a community of people like you who believe in sharing life experiences and knowledge to bring peace and happiness to others' lives. Books, blogs, and search engines provide answers to a lot of questions but such answers are not personalized, they don't target what exactly you are looking for. These publishers don't know your pain or the exact requirements and can't interact with you to ask further queries, they throw one-way static messages which is the same for all.

We believe only a human can heal other humans using the right words. Only humans can feel the pain, its intensity, and the context in which an issue is shared or a question is asked to answer in the most beautiful, professional, and personalized way. This is exactly what BlurbSlate stands for, it provides a platform where members can ask any question, share its details with constraints and options, etc. to get personalized answers. Furthermore, you can communicate with the community members to get into details, further clarify some points or ask the related but missing elements of the original question.

We aim to make BlurbSlate the most productive and useful forum for all members, and it's possible if you support by contributing. It's free for all members it follows a give and takes model, you share the best of your answering queries with others and the best come back to you when you ask something. This is how online communities work and thrive.