Can you buy the green whistle?

By Kiara Stewart, On 11th January 2021, Under Health and Fitness
Penthrox ® (Methoxyflurane) is now available from

Similarly one may ask, is the green whistle bad for you?

The green whistle also beats out other analgesics, such as nitrous oxide and morphine, in that it is fast acting, self-administered, non-addictive, non-narcotic and very safe to use.

Furthermore, who makes the green whistle?

Medical Developments

How strong is Penthrox?

Dose information
The maximum recommended dose of Penthrox is 15 mL per week. Up to 6 mL can be administered as a single dose, but usually 3 mL is given each time. The dose is taken using an inhaler. Penthrox should not be taken two days in a row.

Can you buy Penthrox?

To purchase this product you are required to be a registered Health Care Professional with AHPRA. Additional conditions may apply. For further information contact 1800 PENTHROX (1800 736 847) MINIMUM PRODUCT INFORMATION Penthrox(methoxyflurane) Inhalation Before prescribing, please review Approved Product Information.
Penthrox: USA update. Medical Developments International Limited (ASX: MVP) advise that it has received correspondence from the USA Food & Drug Administration (“FDA”) in relation to its Investigative New Drug (“IND”) application to have Penthrox approved for sale in the United States of America.
Tilt the PENTHROX Inhaler to a 45° angle and pour the total contents of one PENTHROX bottle into the base of the Inhaler whilst rotating. Place wrist loop over patient's wrist. Patient inhales and exhales PENTHROX through the mouthpiece to obtain analgesia.
Penthrox is an analgesic used by medical practitioners, the defence forces, ambulance paramedics, sports clubs and surf lifesavers to administer emergency pain relief. It's non-addictive and simple to administer, making it an excellent choice for situations where fast-acting and uncomplicated relief is needed.
Entonox is a well-established pain relieving gas mixture. It consists of two gases, 50% nitrous oxide and 50% oxygen and is more commonly known as gas and air. Entonox is used to control pain during some investigations and procedures.
Penthrox (methoxyflurane), is a non-narcotic inhalational analgesic for pain relief. It's to be used by a conscious, haemodynamic, stable patient via a hand-held Penthrox Inhaler commonly known as the Green Whistle. When used with the Penthrox Inhaler, the liquid turns into a gas or vapour.
Do not drive or operate machinery until you know how PENTHROX® affects you. PENTHROX® may cause drowsiness or dizziness in some people and therefore may affect alertness.
PENTHROX contains the active substance methoxyflurane. It is a medicine which is used to reduce pain. It is inhaled through the custom-built PENTHROX Inhaler. PENTHROX is intended to reduce the severity of pain, rather than stop it completely.
Methoxyflurane is listed in Schedule 4. Substances which in the public interest should be supplied only upon the written prescription of a medical practitioner, nurse practitioner …