How do I set up uber XL?

By Michael Eliot, On 22nd March 2021, Under Pets and Animals
Open the app and enter your destination in the "Where to?" box. Once you confirm your pickup and destination addresses are correct, select UberXL at the bottom of your screen. Then tap Confirm UberXL.

Also to know is, is it better to drive uber XL?

UberXL can make more money on each ride (as it has higher rates), but UberX can save money on the gas mileage and the vehicle cost. One thing to remember is that if you have an SUV, you can drive for UberX and UberXL.

Beside above, what is considered an uber XL?

Uber XL is the Uber X forSUV's. While a typical UberX car can only seat up to 4 people, an Uber XL will have seating for up to 6 people. Note that this is not the SUV "luxury version," cars are not required to be black or high-end. Uber SUV is the luxury SUV option.

Can uber XL take luggage?

Includes: UberXL, Lyft Plus

If there are 4 or less passengers (this allows 3rd row of seating to be folded down), you can fit 4-5 large suitcases or 5-6 medium suitcases.

How much does a uber XL cost?

UberX: $16.62. UberXL: $23.62. Uber Black: $46.94. Uber Black SUV: $65.83.
UberXL and Lyft Plus
  • Honda Odyssey. This popular minivan is 2019's best car for UberXL according to, an informational website aimed at rideshare drivers.
  • Toyota Sienna. This roomy minivan boasts 150 square feet of combined cargo and passenger space.
  • Kia Sorento.
  • Ford Explorer.
An UberXL vehicle will offer you 6 seats, not counting the driver's. You'd put one in the front, three in the second, and two in the back. This is the back of a Ford Explorer (which I drive for UberXL). You probably cannot fit more than 3~4 large suitcases in there, and you still have many carry-ons to deal with.
Scheduling a ride in advance. Uber now includes the option to schedule a ride 5 minutes to 30 days in advance using the Scheduled Rides feature. The Scheduled Rides feature allows you to book a trip in advance by selecting a 10-minute pickup window.
The vehicles on the GoShare platform are much larger than those on typical rideshare apps, including the Uber XL offering. They are capable of hauling and carrying large items, including furniture, pallets, or a room full of moving boxes.
UberBLACK drivers in Los Angeles earn approximately $52,104 per year. The average UberBLACK driver in Los Angeles driver earns about $16.70 per trip and makes about 2 trips per hour ($33.04).
UberXL Seats 6 Passengers in an SUV or Minivan

it UberXL vehicles are minivans and SUV's like Honda Pilot, Dodge Caravan, GMC Acadia, etc. Uber XL is the right option for a large group of people who want the most affordable ride for 5 or more passengers.
  • Best Overall: 2014+ Toyota Prius.
  • Best Sedan: 2015+ Toyota Camry.
  • Best Affordable Car: 2016+ Kia Soul.
  • Best for Bad Weather: 2015+ Honda CR-V.
  • Best for Uber XL and Lyft Plus: 2014+ Honda Odyssey.
  • Best for Uber Select and Lyft Premier: 2013+ Lexus ES.
However, in some markets, your earnings may be around $12 per hour and in larger markets, you can even earn as high as $18 hourly or even more. And, if you drive for the Lyft XL (with a minivan or an SUV) or for the Lyft Premiere or Lux (with high-end vehicles) segments, your earnings will be much higher.
Lyft XL vehicles are minivans and SUVs, so it is a good option for large groups and transporting luggage. Lyft XL costs more than a regular Lyft. Lyft XL drivers receive ride requests for both regular Lyft requests and XL Lyft requests.
The Lyft XL designation means that the vehicle is big enough to accommodate six riders, in addition to the driver. A standard Lyft ride can only accommodate four passengers.
Request. Open the app and enter your destination in the "Where to?" box. Once you confirm your pickup and destination addresses are correct, choose Black at the bottom of your screen. Then tap Confirm Black.
In Washington, D.C., the company listed the following recommended vehicles for UberBlack:
  • Audi A6, Q7, A8.
  • Bentley Mulsanne, Continental.
  • BMW 5 Series, 7 Series.
  • Cadillac DTS, XTS.
  • Jaguar XF, XJ.
  • Lexus LS.
  • Lincoln MKT, MKS.
  • Mercedes-Benz E-Class, M-Class, S-Class; R350.
Yes, you can drive minivans such as Toyota Sienna and Honda Odyssey for Uber. In fact, you would qualify for both UberX (4 passengers) and UberXL (6 passengers). Minivans are becoming more popular amongst drivers, as they can earn more money by being classified as UberXL and they offer great gas mileage.
You're guaranteed a premium ride such as a BMW 5 Series or Cadillac Escalade — that's 2013 or newer, with spotless, luxurious interiors. Nothing less when you're en route to that pitch meeting, splurging on that tasting menu, or high-tailing it to your courtside seats (in that case, mind if we join, too?).
Uber Black. Uber Black matches riders with top-rated drivers driving luxury vehicles for a higher price. Whether for a business meeting or a special night out, riders rely on Uber Black for a 5-star experience.
For U.S. rides, she recommends tipping between 15 and 20 percent for exceptional service, 10 to 15 for good service, and 10 percent for average service. “Many Uber trips can be more expensive than a standard cab. However, a standard cab offers a standard service.
UberX is the standard (and cheapest) Uber service. It's what you use when you need a private driver to get somewhere, but don't need a car that is large or luxurious. For many travelers, UberX will be all you need to transport your luggage.
Economy options includes UberX and UberXL, and with UberXL, you can get a ride for up to six people. Note: UberSELECT is listed as an economy option on Uber's website, but is also shown as a premium option in the app.
Yes, Uber and Lyft both have logic in their platform to block certain pairs of drivers and riders from happening. This "block" can be generated by drivers OR riders rating the each other at a low star rating.