How do you tell if your personal trainer is attracted to you?

By Michael Lantsman, On 8th July 2021, Under Health and Fitness
If your trainer asks you out, they might be attracted to you. If they don't ask you out, then they are either flirting with you to make you continue to pay them or just being complimentary and encouraging and you are reading it wrong.

Likewise, people ask, is it normal to have a crush on your personal trainer?

"So yes, it really does happen!" Sure, your relationship with a personal trainer is a professional one. But it's intimate too, Sussman says. "You're both in workout clothes, he or she is touching you, he or she is probably in pretty good shape Plus, you're working out, so your endorphins are pumping," she lists.

Also Know, do personal trainers fall in love with their clients?

'During my many years in the business unfortunately I can recount many a tale of personal trainers becoming romantically involved with their clients, and an unsurprisingly 99 per cent of the time it does not end in a loving, lasting relationship.

Can a personal trainer touch you?

Sadly, some trainers take things too far. Warning signs that your personal trainer is getting too touchy: They overtly leer at you. They excessively touch you without your permission.

Can you date your personal trainer?

Not only can a trainer put their job at risk if their employer has a policy against dating clients, the client runs into a murky ethical spot of paying someone they have a romantic relationship with, which has icky connotations. Basically, a trainer's job has jealousy-provoking built right in.
No…it's unethical. Any respectable trainer will not flirt with their clients if they're truly focused on their client's well-being. This is not to say the two can't fall for each other from spending time together, but it shouldn't ever be something that happens intentionally.
Here are the top ten pet peeves of personal trainers.
  • #1 – Excuses.
  • #2 – Not Disclosing Health Issues.
  • #3 – Friends or Acquaintances Wanting Free Workouts or Health Advice.
  • #4 – Is This the Fat Burning Zone or the Love Zone?
  • #5 – Lying About Their Diet.
  • #6 – Wanting Instant Results After Years of an Unhealthy Lifestyle.
The gym should be a sexy place. But even though it has all the trappings of a nice place to meet an attractive mate, the gym is actually right up there with your therapist's waiting room and your office as far as worst places to flirt go.
There is a lot to unpack and that's going unsaid with this question but the definitive answer is YES, personal fitness trainers do sleep with their clients more often than is being mentioned. Because it's easy to see that contact proximity makes personal training an easy target for intimate interactions to occur.
In my admittedly few years as a certified personal trainer (roughly 3 to this point), I can't see it's an extremely common thing to happen, but it does happen. 99% of my clients have been women, most of which started with me when they were already attractive. I've also seen trainers have sex with fellow trainers.
Your personal trainer may be a great person and now a good friend but the bottom line is that you are paying them for a service. Make sure you are getting results and not getting too caught up in the relationship.
Best Ways to Impress Your Trainer
  1. Establish Clear Fitness Goals. Be clear about your purpose at the outset.
  2. Be Flexible.
  3. Push Yourself.
  4. Keep a Food Diary.
  5. Live your commitment.
  6. Show up on time and ready to work.
  7. Read your contract fully.
  8. Pay on time.
According to a recent survey from TreadmillReviews, 44% of more than 500 trainers from various fitness backgrounds said they've judged a client for their behavior or appearance. (And for a workout created by two of the top trainers around, check out Body Battle, from Men's Health).
Most men prefer train with male personal trainers because of body type or physique. Some men could care less as long as their fitness goals are met. In some cases men prefer a female trainer because training with a male personal trainer makes them feel out of shape.
How To Talk To Your Personal Trainer
  • Being honest, setting clearer goals and other ways to maximise your gym fitness regimen.
  • Don't be afraid to ask questions.
  • Be clear about your goals, but be realistic, too.
  • Be honest about your lifestyle.
  • Trust your trainer's advice.
Eyring recommends giving your personal trainer between $25 and $50, depending on how often you see her. She adds that you should also consider giving a small gift or gift card to gym staff who regularly help you out (for example, someone who constantly brings you fresh towels or water).
You can run a successful personal training business if you follow these 17 tips!
  1. Think Like a Business Owner.
  2. Consider Where You Will Train.
  3. Areas of Specialization.
  4. Personal Training as a Full- or Part-Time Career.
  5. Avoid Personal Trainer Burnout Syndrome and Take Time Off for Yourself.
  6. Certification and Education.
Unless the trainer works for a gym that bans tipping, there is no reason why you can't tip a trainer. For those personal trainers who welcome tips, giving them a little money at the end of the session would be fine. Clients paying for, say, 10 sessions in advance could even include something extra when renewing them.
A personal trainer can help you revise your current workout routine or devise a new one so that you start seeing improvement again. To get established in your new routine, it's a good idea to see your fitness trainer 1-2 times a week for at least six weeks.
Signs a Woman Wants to Be Approached at the Gym
  • She's interested in you, she'll take the piece of cardio equipment right next to you when many pieces of equipment are open.
  • When you're lifting weights, she always seems to be close to you.