How many can fit in a hot air balloon?

By Tim Flank, On 21st February 2021, Under Travel and Tourism
The average commercial hot air balloon carries eight passengers including the pilot. Smaller balloons will carry one or two passengers, while larger balloons can carry upwards of thirty passengers.

Likewise, what is the weight limit for a hot air balloon?

On average, a hot air balloon that is 65,000 cubic square feet can lift 1,000 lbs. The bigger a hot air balloon is and the hotter the air inside the envelope is, the more weight it can lift.

Also Know, how big is the basket on a hot air balloon?

Combined mass
component pounds kilograms
2,800 m3 (100,000 cu ft) envelope 250 113.4
5-passenger basket 140 63.5
double burner 50 22.7
3 76 L (20 US gal) fuel tanks full of propane 3 × 135 = 405 183.7

What is the volume of a hot air balloon?

A typical balloon is about 55 feet across and 60 to 80 feet tall. They are categorized by how much air the envelope can contain. a common sizes is the AX-7, with an envelope volume of 77,000 cubic feet.

How long do hot air balloon rides last?

Their average hot air balloon ride lasts 45 minutes to an hour, but the whole experience can take up to four hours.
Hot air balloons are able to fly to extremely high altitudes. On November 26, 2005 Vijaypat Singhania set the world altitude record for highest hot air balloon flight, reaching 21,027 m (68,986 ft). He took off from downtown Mumbai, India, and landed 240 km (150 mi) south in Panchale.
Hot air balloon rides are expensive because of the massive costs incurred by operating a hot air balloon ride company. The cost of the hot air balloons themselves, fuel, maintenance, and transportation all contribute to these costs.
A helium-filled balloon can float very high up into the atmosphere, however, it cannot float up into outer space. The air in Earth's atmosphere gets thinner the higher up you go. The balloon can only rise up until the atmosphere surrounding it has the same weight as the helium in the balloon.
Unfortunately, a Hot Air Balloon Ride Isn't Cheap
I've ballooned in different parts of the world, and while there's a hefty price tag (it can run anywhere between $250-$450 per person) it's worth the pre-trip penny-pinching.
Hot air ballooning is the activity of flying hot air balloons. Hot air ballooning has been recognized by Fédération Aéronautique Internationale (FAI) as the safest air sport in aviation, and fatalities in hot air balloon accidents are rare, according to statistics from the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB).
Hot air balloons can only fly in stable air. During the day, the sun heats the earth, which creates thermals. In the morning or in the evening the heating of the is almost not active, which gives stable air. During the winter we are able to fly the whole day, because the sun is not hot enough.
Of course you can fly a hot balloon aerodynamically in night, but make sure it is totally legal! In fact they wouldn't even fly because the air outside the balloon is as warm or warmer than the air inside the balloon and remember balloons fly because because of the hot air they're filled with.
Basically nothing happens when a bird hits a hot air balloon. So it's nearly impossible to surprise a bird with a balloon. In the rare case that it happens, the bird will fly into the balloon and bounces right out. The bird doesn't have the capability to fly through the fabric.
There are no bathroom facilities available on balloons! As flights can last over an hour, you need to make sure that you take a bathroom break before take-off.
There are weight restrictions, merely because it is imperative for the pilot to have an exact calculation of the weight in the basket. Before each flight, the pilot does calculations based on the air temperature and conditions, to ensure that the passenger weights are within a suitable range.
Hot Air Ballooning is a Sport…
Casual attire is absolutely appropriate, even expected on a hot air balloon ride. So, aside from a few exceptions, just dress comfortably. The weather up high is about the same as it is at ground level, so dress as you normally would for a walk in your local park.