What major do you need to be a lawyer in BitLife?

By Guido Vital, On 5th January 2021, Under Hobbies and Leisure
After high school, you will be offered an opportunity to seek higher education. You must choose either Political Science or English. Once you complete your education, you can seek employment at a law firm (usually as a Law Clerk or Junior Associate.)

Also asked, can you become the president in BitLife?

To become President in BitLife, you are first going to need to be a Bitizen. Yes, unfortunately you will have to pay a $4.99 USD for the ability to become the leader of a country (you don't need to be a Bitizen to run for things like School Board Director, Mayor, or Governor).

Beside above, what is the highest paying job in BitLife?

Read on for the full guide on how to get the highest-paying jobs in BitLife: Life Simulator! The high paying jobs that are obvious to most people are becoming a doctor, a lawyer, or a business executive. This includes becoming the CEO, the Executive Vice President, and more.

How do I become a BitLife veterinarian?

To become a veterinarian in BitLife you must study Chemistry in University (study hard in school) after graduating university apply for veterinary school. After graduating veterinary school apply for the jr. vet job position. If the job doesn't pop up straight away keep ageing until it does.

How do you get twins on BitLife?

For those who are looking to have twins, you can roll the dice by naturally going through the process of having a child with your partner. However, you have the highest chances of twins occurring through the process. To improve your chances, you can choose to go through Artificial Insemination or IVF.
Play the Lottery to Get Rich
Play the lottery often. You have a surprisingly good shot at winning, much better than any shot in real life that you might have. If you win, you're an instant millionaire. Do a regular job to keep the money flowing in, and just continue playing the lotto over and over.
You will need to get promoted to Vice President, Executive Vice President, then Managing Director. After that, you will be able to become the CEO of the company. If the promotions do not come your way quickly enough, you can always try applying for the next step up in a new company.
Like the lottery in real life, the only way you can win the lottery in BitLife is to keep playing it. Prepare yourself to see the statement, “You did not win the lottery jackpot” a lot. Thankfully, you can keep entering as many times as you want until you do.
The likes of English and Political Science are the subjects that are more often said to see your character qualify, but History is also said to work too. Opting for something less traditionally academic, such as Dance or something to do with the Arts will see your application to Law School in Bitlife be rejected.
When you start elementary school, you can click on the orange graduation cap to get choices. Firstly, it shows what type of school you're in, how many years you've completed, how many years you've left to go, the choice to study harder, and the choice to drop out of elementary school.
BitLife is all about living the dream or the nightmare. You may be wondering if it is possible to live the challenging yet rewarding life of a professional athlete in BitLife. Unfortunately, this is not currently an option in the game, although we hope it will be introduced in a future update.
There are two secret ribbons whose names and emojis are not shown until after they are unlocked however their descriptions are still known. When the app was first released, there were only 11: Academic, Fertile, Hero, Lazy, Loaded, Lustful, Mediocre, Rich, Scandalous, Unlucky, and Wasteful.
Make sure to religiously study hard and go to the library every year to keep your smart stats high. When you're done with medical school, the junior psychiatrist job will be available for you. You then will become a psychiatrist after a few years. After that, you'll become the senior psychiatrist.
Make sure you focus on studying harder once every single year. You only gain the bonus once per year though, so bear that in mind. Only do it once. We also recommend visiting the library once a year too, as that also boosts your smarts.
As you begin your career, post about auditions or contests you have been to, acting or singing lessons or workshops, and other information. Remember that in BitLife, just like in real life, it may take you years to become famous so keep working towards your goal.
Well, in BitLife, you can do just that. The game developers recently added politics to the simulator game, and now you can become a Prime Minister or President in your digital life. The political field is filled with several challenges, dirty tactics, and more.
Currently, there are a total of 30 ribbons. All previous lives you lived are viewable via a "cemetery". Many players believe that 124 is the maximum age in Bitlife, but it is possible to live much longer.
You should need around about $10,000 for it.
Go into the Crime options, then pick Grand Theft Auto and select the car that you want to steal. It should also be pretty meaty to deal with anyone who tries to come after you. A truck like the Tacoma is a good option. Now, head back into the Activities tab, select Crime, then select the option to rob a bank.
However, you do a few extraordinary things, such as going awol in the military by going through rehab. You can even become a leprechaun as a job role, at least. The leprechaun is not a species you can become. It's more of a status.
Saudi Arabia has no income tax (unless there's a new update {UTNU}), and there is no estate tax (UTNU), making it one of the most financially stable countries in BitLife. Scandinavian countries (Norway and Sweden) (UTNU) have a high estate tax as do many European countries.
To become a veterinarian in BitLife you must study Chemistry in University (study hard in school) after graduating university apply for veterinary school. After graduating veterinary school apply for the jr. vet job position. If the job doesn't pop up straight away keep ageing until it does.
A character who studies Biology or Chemistry as their major can get into pharmacy school and become a pharmacist. Pharmacy school is easier to get into than medical, nursing, dental, or veterinary school.
To obtain the ribbon, ask your relationships for money repeatedly, even if they refuse to give you money or tell you to stop. You must ask for money at least 10 times, and never give money to anyone else.
BitLife: All 8 Schools
Law School: Study hard as a kid, increase your smarts, and study History, English, or Political Science. Medical School: Same as Law School except you need to study Biology, Chemistry, or Physics. Nursing School: Study Nursing. Pharmaceutical School: Study a science at university.