Where do I find keys in Diablo 2?

By Komal Padia, On 8th January 2021, Under Arts and Entertainment
There are three keys, and the chance to get them is random (1 in 34 chance).
  1. KEY OF TERROR - Is held by The Countess (The Tower)
  2. KEY OF HATE - Is held by The Summoner (Arcane Sanctuary)
  3. KEY OF DESTRUCTION - Is held by Nihlathak (Halls of Pain)

In this regard, what is Uber Tristram d2?

Uber Tristram is part of the Pandemonium special event quest, and contains boosted Act Bosses, now dubbed 'Uber Monsters'.

Similarly, does MF effect key drops?

MF does not affect keys.

How do I open Uber Tristram?

To create a red portal to Uber Tristram, place Diablo's Horn, Baal's Eye, and Mephisto's Brain in the Horadric Cube, and transmute them while standing in Harrogath in a Hell difficulty game. A red portal will open, the fourth in that area if you've done them all in the same game.

Can you do Uber Tristram in single player?

There are ways to enable the Pandemonium Event in single-player, however they are not allowed to be used in the SPF. Also, as far as I know, Uber Tristram in those modes is by far not a 1:1 copy of the legit battle-net one.
Standard of Heroes. The Standard of Heroes is an item dropped after defeating the Pandemonium Event. The item drops along with an unidentified Hellfire Torch, after all the three Uber Tristram bosses (Uber Baal, Pandemonium Diablo and Uber Mephisto) have been defeated. Required character level 90.
Key (Diablo II) Keys in Diablo II are used for the sole purpose of opening the randomly generated locked chests you will find throughout your travels. Keys can either be found as treasure, dropped by monsters, or bought from various merchants in town.
The Token of Absolution is created in the Horadric Cube by cubing together four different Essences that drop infrequently from the act bosses in Hell difficulty. Festering Essence of Destruction (dropped by Baal).
Uber Diablo or Diablo Clone is a monster that spawns only on Hell difficulty ladder games on Battle.net when a certain number of Stone of Jordan rings are sold to merchants. A notification is displayed on-screen whenever a Stone of Jordan is sold, indicating the number that have been sold.
Tristram is a solitary level in Act I that can only be reached from a red portal in the Stony Field after activating the Cairn Stones.

See also:
  1. Uber Tristram -- Reached via the end game quest Pandemonium Event.
  2. Tristram -- The town in Diablo I and Hellfire.
  3. Tristram -- The town in Diablo III.
The Hellfire Torch is a unique large charm that can only be obtained by completing the Pandemonium Event.
8. You are correct that it is a horadric cube recipe. It creates a Token of Absolution that allows you to respec. a character. Added in Patch 1.13, the Token of Absolution is a consumable item that grants the character one stat/skill reset.
Basically, Magic Find makes more of the items that drop be magical or better (Rare/Set/Unique). If you have 100% +MF, if an item dropped normally had a 10% chance to be magical, it will now have a 20% chance. With 100% +MF you'd expect 40 magic, 4 Rare, 4 Set, and 2 Uniques.
Magic Find is the common term for items that possess the "% Better Chance Of Getting Magic Items" (Diablo II) or "% Better Chance of Finding Magical Items" (Diablo III). It is a magical effect that increases the likelihood that a Magic, Rare, Set, Unique, or Legendary Items will drop.
No, magic find has no affect at all on rune drops. You are just as likely to get an Ist from a countess with 0% mf and 400% mf.
Uber Diablo or Diablo Clone is a monster that spawns only on Hell difficulty ladder games on Battle.net when a certain number of Stone of Jordan rings are sold to merchants. When killed, Uber Diablo drops the only unique small charm in the game, the Annihilus.